United Kingdom Phrases

English is spoken throughout a majority of the United Kingdom; however there are some differences between American English and the English that is spoken in the United Kingdom. Here are some common words and phrases that might confuse a visitor if they don't know any better.

Sausages: Bangers

Bathroom: Loo, Toilet

Beach: Seaside

Bar: Pub

Beer: Lager, which is the American equivalent of Budweiser, Miller, Heineken, etc which are served cold. Beer to British people are ales and bitters that are served warm.

Cigarette: Fag

Cookies: Biscuits

Coupon: Voucher

Elevator: Lift

Emergency Room (ER): A&E (Accident and Emergency)

Flashlight: Torch

French Fries: Chips

Highway Exit: Motorway Junction

Line-up, wait: Queue

Parking Lot: Car park

Potato Chips: Crisps

Rent: Hire

Sales tax: Value Added Tax (V.A.T)

Trunk (of a car): Boot

Children (under 11):