Slovakian Phrases

Hello: Dobry den Pronounced: DOH-bree den
Good morning: Dobre rano Pronounced: DOH-breeh RAA-noh
Good afternoon: Dobry den Pronounced: DOH-bree den
Good evening: Dobry vecer Pronounced: DOH-bree VEH-cherh
Goodnight: Dobru noc Pronounced: DOH-broo nohts
Goodbye: Do videnia Pronounced: doh VEE-deh-nee-ah
My name is…: Volam sa… Pronounced: VOH-laam sah….
Pleased to meet you: Tesi ma Pronounced: TEH-shee mah
How are you?: Ako sa mate? Pronounced: A-ko sah MAA-teh 
Please: Prosim Pronounced: PROH-seem
Thank you: Dakujem Pronounced: DAH-koo-yehm
You’re welcome: Prosim Pronounced: PROH-seem
Excuse me: Prepac Pronounced: Prepaac
How much?: Kol’ko? Pronounced: Kolko
Where is…?: Kde je…? Pronounced: Kdeh yeh…?
Do you speak English?: Hovorite po anglicky? Pronounced: HOH-voh-ree-teh poh AHN-glits-ki?
Where are the toilets?: Kde su tu zachody? Pronounced: Kdeh soo too ZAA-khoh-di?
Yes: Ano Pronounced: AAH-noh
No: Nie Pronounced: NYEE-eh

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