Luxembourg Phrases

While the official languages of Luxembourg are French and German, the locals do speak a language called Luxembourgish between themselves. French, German and English will be enough to get you buy here, but knowing a few Luxembourgish phrases will go a long way in impressing the locals.  

Hello/Good morning: Moiën   Pronounced: Moyen
Good Afternoon: Mëtteg Pronounced: Muttech
Good Evening: Gudden oowend Pronounced: Gooden oovend
Goodbye: Avuar/Eddi Pronounced: Avwar/eddi
My name is…: Ech heeschen… Pronounced: Esh heyshen
Thank You: Merci Pronounced: Mersee
Please: Wann ech gelifft Pronounced: Vann esh gelifft
Excuse me: Pardon Pronounced: Pardon
How much…?: Wivuill Pronounced: Vifill?
Where is…?: Wou ass…? Pronounced: Vo ass…?
Where are the toilets?: Wou sin d’Toiletten? Pronounced: Vo zind twaletten
Yes: Joo Pronounced: Joo
No: Nee Pronounced: Nay

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