Irish/Gaelic Phrases

The majority of Irish people speak English in their day to day conversations, but here are some common phrases that will be sure to impress the locals.

Hello: Dia Dhuit Pronounced: Geea yitch
Goodnight: Oiche mhaith Pronounced: Eecha waih
Goodbye: Slán Pronounced: Slahn
I am (my name is)..: Mise… Pronounced: Mishe…
How are you?: Cad é mar atá tú?  Pronounced: Caday mar atah to?
Thank You: Go raibh maith agat Pronounced: Guh rawh maih aghut
Excuse me: Gabh mo leithscaal Pronounced: Govh muh leh-skayle
Pint of Guinness please: Pionta Guinness, le do thoil  Pronounced: Pinnta Guinness, leh duh hoil
How much..?: An mor ata air? Pronounced: On moor ah-taw err
Do you speak English?: An Bhfuil Bearla agat? Pronounced: On will bear-lah ah-gut

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