Austrian Phrases

The national language of Austria is German, with a slight variation depending on where you are in the country.

Hello: Hallo Pronounced: Hallo
Good Morning: Guten morgen Pronounced: Gooten Morgen
Good Afternoon: Guten Tag Pronounced: Gooten Tak
Good Evening: Guten Abend Pronounced: Gooten arbend
Goodbye: Auf Wiedersehen Pronounced: Owf veeder-sayn
Please: Bitte Pronounced: Bitta
Thank You: Danke Pronounced: Danka
How are you?: Wie geht es dir? Pronounced: Vie gait es deer
Excuse me: Entschuldigen Pronounced: Ent-shooldigung
How much…? Wieviel? Pronounced: Viefeel
Where is…? Wo ist..? Pronounced: Vo isst…?
My name is..: Ich heisse.. Pronounced: Ik hi-sir
Where are the toilets?: Wo sind die toiletten?  Pronounced: Vo zind dee toiletten
I’m looking for..: Iche suche.. Pronounced: Ik zooke…
Do you speak English?: Sprechen sie Englisch? Pronounced: Sprecken zee English
Yes: Ja Pronounced: Yah
No: Nein Pronounced: Nine

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