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Spain (officially the Kingdom of Spain) is a southwestern European country, bordered by Andorra, France, Portugal, the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Spain is second behind Italy in having the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites, therefore visitors have plenty of sites to visit and things to do while on a trip to Spain.

One of the most popular destinations in Spain is Barcelona, with its beaches, resorts and art museums, visitors have plenty to keep them occupied.

Madrid is also a very popular place to visit. The largest and capital city of Spain, it is centrally located, giving easy access to the mountains or to the beaches. One of the most notable things about Madrid is the way the streets are all winding and go either up or downhill, meeting in the city's central square.

From the beaches in the south and west to the green meadows and snowy mountains in the more northern regions, driving around the country you may be surprised at the variety of Spain's landscapes. With such geographical diversity, no matter your preference of landscape, this country has it, and 1-800-Fly-Europe will find the best hotel reservation that fits your itinerary on your trip to Spain.

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