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Set in the middle of Eastern Europe, Romania borders Ukraine, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary and has a short coastline along the Black Sea. Under communist rule since 1989, Romania is starting to come out of its dark past and slowly becoming a popular vacation spot for the adventurous tourist.

Romania is most noted to be a haven for history buffs, based on its location in Eastern Europe and involvement in the significant events throughout history. The capital city of Bucharest shows the most evidence of their dark past, including the impressive Parliamentary Palace, 2nd to the pentagon as the largest governmental building on earth.

The most famous attraction that Romania has to offer is the legendary Bran Castle, home to the Bram Stoker's fictional vampire Dracula. The most visited attraction in Romania, Bran Castle is a must visit. For those seeking a sun holiday, Romania should be on your list of cities. The city of Constanta contains some of the best beach resorts in Eastern Europe, resorts that don't get as crowded as some of the other beach resort cities in Europe.

Probably not the first destination that comes to mind for a European vacation, Romania is worth checking out for those looking for something different. Book your hotel in Romania through 1-800-Fly-Europe and save money on a trip of a lifetime.

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