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Bordered entirely by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula. While a relatively small country, Portugal still manages to cram a number of world class attractions within its small borders.

Most tourists flock to the southern part of the county in the Algarve region. This is a very developed and modernized area of the country, boasting beautiful beaches and resorts. On the northern part of the country lies the Costa Verde (Green Coast) area, still as beautiful as the Algarve region, just not as visited as the Algarve. The capital city of Lisbon is worth checking out, as the Jeronimos Monastery and its stunning design is worth visiting. Wine lovers will be at home in Portugal as it is fast becoming one of the premier spots in the world for vintners.

For those looking to explore more of Portugal, the Atlantic islands of Madeira and Azores are worth checking out. Madeira is famous for its wine production while the Azores island group lies about halfway from Europe and the USA, making it a popular stop for cruises and private yachts.

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