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With a history dating back over 800 years, Riga's eventful past is evident around every corner. Just about 750,000 people populate Riga, making it a city that lacks the big city feel. Visitors will find the cobblestone streets of Riga Old Town quite aesthetically pleasing, along with all the beautiful buildings around the central area of Riga.

Highlights of Riga include the Freedom Monument, known to the locals as "Milda", a monument that stands 42m high marking Latvian Independence in 1934. Riga is also famous for Jugendstil or German Art Nouveau Architecture that still remains after centuries of war had destroyed the buildings in German cities. Riga is home to some of the oldest and finest Jugendstil buildings in the world. It is worth visiting the Museum of Occupation of Latvia, just to get to know the history of Latvia under communist rule.

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Hotels in Riga
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