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 Japan is a country made up of 4 islands of East Asia located in the Pacific Ocean. The island of Japan is a very diverse country, from the ever busy and exciting cities of Tokyo and Osaka, to the mountainous inland, Japan has plenty to offer. One of the biggest treats of visiting Japan is to experience the proud culture of its people first hand, a culture that has been around for centuries.

No trip to Japan is complete without a venture into the capital city of Tokyo, a city unlike any other on earth. From the controlled chaotic pace of life in the city is a spectacle in itself, to the forest of skyscrapers and the wealth of dining and shopping options, Tokyo has it all.

Other attractions worth noting are the Aso Crater, which can boast as the largest volcanic crater on earth. The historic eye-opening cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are worth a visit as they tell a story no other city on earth can tell. Food lovers will also be pleased as Japan offers many different culinary options, from fresh made Sushi to the many noodle dishes which can be found around every corner of Japan.

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