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Finland is a Northern European country bordering Norway, Russian and Sweden.

Finland is comprised of many forests, wetlands and thousands of lakes. It is one of the few countries whose surface area is still actually expanding (approximately 2.5 miles per year). Along the southern shores of the Gulf of Finland to the Lapland Mountains, there are 35 national parks. Finland's abundance of wildlife, forests and lakes brings nature lovers from all over the world. Outdoor activities include golf, yachting, hiking, lake cruises and much more. The Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) can be viewed from the Lapland Mountains of Northern Finland.

Whether you are in the city of Helsinki, or in the wilds of the Laplands, 1-800-Fly-Europe will find the perfect hotel property for you. Discounts are available on your hotel stay as well as your airfare to Finland and all travel services we offer.

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