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Located in the Mediterranean Sea, 75km south of Turkey, 105km west of Syria and 380km north of Egypt, Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean. Offering an array of activities to the traveler, it's no surprise why Cyprus has grown to become one of the more popular vacation destinations in Europe.

The main draw to the island is the spectacular beaches and exciting nightlife, and no other part of the island exhibits this than the town of Ayia Napa. The most popular tourist resort town on the island, Ayia Napa is packed with pristine beaches, fantastic restaurants and cafes, and an endless array of clubs and bars guaranteed to keep the party going all night.

Aside from the endless beaches and coastline, Cyprus has a lot more to offer to the traveler. The Troodos Mountains in the center of the island rise almost 6,400ft, with the highest peak being Mount Olympus. During the winter months these mountains offer great skiing and winter sports, while the summer months hiking and climbing enthusiasts are sure to be satisfied.

Nature lovers will also be satisfied as Cyprus marks an important resting place for migrating birds. During the months of March and April nearly 150 million birds stop by on their way to their summer or winter homes.

So whatever it is that you are after, Cyprus is sure to please. Book your hotel in Cyprus with 1-800-Fly-Europe and save money!

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