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Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe bordering Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea. Bulgaria features beautiful mountains, sandy beaches and exciting cities packed with culture and history.

Although not on most travelers' radar maps, Bulgaria is rapidly growing into a popular tourist destination due to its range of sites and activities that it offers. Bulgaria appeals to beach goers, winter sports enthusiasts, history buffs and everyone in-between, making it an ideal and inexpensive get away when compared to other cities in Europe.

No trip to Bulgaria is complete without exploring the historic capital city of Sofia. From the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral to the St. Sofia Church, Sofia is packed with history and culture and even an up and coming bustling nightlife scene.

A trip to Bulgaria leaves the traveler with an endless list of things to do and see. Book your hotels in Bulgaria with 1-800-Fly-Europe and save! Call us for more property locations and details in Bulgaria.

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