Getting Around Spain

Traveling by Road:

Spain does contain an extensive and efficient road network and acts as a good way to move about the country. Renting a car in Spain is a great option as it lets you move from city to city in the most efficient way. The minimum driving age is 18, all passengers must wear a seatbelt and traffic travels on the right-hand side of the road in Spain. Some highways require a toll, and those will be posted with the required amount. Like most other European countries, highway speed is usually posted at 80mph while residential and commercial areas posted at 30mph.

Traveling by Rail:

While not as advanced as other country's rail systems, Spain does have a rail network that is viable option for travel. At times confusing, the rail system isn't as efficient or quick as some would like, but it does offer plenty of comfort and convenience to get from one city to another. The major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona feature an efficient underground rail system that does a great job in moving people around the city in a timely manner. Spain does offer a high speed train but it only runs from Catalonia going south through Madrid, eventually ending up in Andalusia.

Traveling by Bus:

Since the rail network isn't as extensive as others, traveling through Spain by bus is a popular and efficient way to go. Bus travel is a cheap option and one can expect a clean and comfortable bus ride. In the larger cities expect to find more than one bus depot so make sure that you depart from the correct station. Bus transportation ranges from long distance travel as well as local city tours. Check within the city you are visiting to find out what is available as a transportation option.

Traveling by Boat:

With multiple island groups offshore, traveling by boat is a common means of transportation in Spain. Regular ferries and water taxis run to the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands as well as to Morocco and other destinations throughout the Mediterranean. Boat transportation offers a relaxing and unique way to move around the country.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi hire is available for the most part throughout Spain, more so in the major towns and cities. Taxis can be hailed on the street or called in advance for pickup, which ever is more convenient at the time. Make sure the taxi is equipped with a meter to ensure that it is a legit taxi company. If you receive satisfactory service feel free to leave a small tip, but it is not required or expected.

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