Getting Around Slovenia

Traveling by Road:

Slovenia features a very comprehensive road network that covers just about the entire country. Roads are in good condition and congestion isn't usually a problem outside of major cities. Traffic drives on the right-hand side, headlights must be on at all times and you must be 18 years old to drive in Slovenia. Speed limits are posted at 30mph in built up areas and 80mph on highways. Slovenia has a strict law for drunk driving, and the legal limit of alcohol allowed in your system is a very small one so it is recommended to not consume any alcohol if planning on driving shortly thereafter. Renting a car in Slovenia allows you to see this fascinating country without being held down to a train or bus schedule.

Traveling by Rail:

Train travel in Slovenia is efficient and extensive, connecting most major towns and cities. Traveling by train is a comfortable way to get from one place to another, while getting the chance to see the sights of this beautiful country. The train ride from Bled-Jezero to Most-na-Soca offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Europe. Train travel allows you to travel from one side of a city to another or travel to numerous international neighboring countries.

Traveling by Bus:

Bus travel in Slovenia is a cheap, reliable and comfortable means of transportation. The bus network reaches every corner of the country as well as international destinations. Bus tickets can be purchased in advance or directly from the bus driver upon boarding, depending on the particular company.

Traveling by Boat:

The only option for water transportation is sightseeing tours and charters that only operate during the summer months. Seeing Slovenia by water is a great opportunity to get a unique perspective on the countryside.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities in Slovenia and is a good means of moving about. However one should take note that fraudulent cabs are prevalent and be sure that a fare is agreed upon before embarking towards your destination or that there is a meter in the taxi. Tipping is not expected but if you receive great service then leaving a small amount will be appreciated.

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