Getting Around Poland

Traveling by Road:

Poland does contain a road network that covers a large part of the country; however the condition of these roads can be in varying condition. Improvements are being made to the roads, but you will be sure to find some spots that are in disarray and need to use caution when driving in Poland. The minimum driving age in Poland is 17 and all traffic drives on the right. Speed limits posted within built up areas is 31mph while on highways it is posted at 81mph. Children under 10 years old must sit in the back seat unless seated in a child safety seat. Take note that drunk driving is highly frowned upon in Poland, with the legal limit of B.A.C being .02%. Renting a car in Poland is great way to see the country as the train and bus network only expand so far.

Traveling by Rail:

The easiest way to travel around Poland is by the expansive rail network. There are 3 classes of trains, the fastest and most expensive being the Intercity, which make the fewest stops. Express trains are the middle category, offering affordable prices and speedy service. The Fast trains are the cheapest, but also the slowest means of train travel, stopping many times between destinations. Fast trains are often very crowded due to the cheap prices. The Polish rail system is so punctual to the point where if a train is running ahead of schedule the train will stop outside the station to ensure prompt arrival.

Traveling by Bus:

If you cannot access an area of Poland by train, you can be sure to get there via bus. Bus service covers both local and regional transport, all at affordable prices. The bus network covers just about every town in Poland and offers multiple international routes as well. Bus stations are usually located within the city center, most times next to the train station. Shorter rides on a bus require you to pay the driver when boarding, and you pay depending on your destination.

Traveling by Boat:

Poland offers multiple options for traveling by water. Several ferries operate from Poland going to multiple Baltic ports. Local tours and charters are also available as an interesting way to see this beautiful country.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities. They can either be booked by telephone or hired from a taxi rank. Taxi service at night includes a higher fare as well as out of town journeys. Tipping is custom and not included in the fare. Some cities have a discount for when you hire a taxi by telephone, so inquire about that before traveling to that city.

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