Getting Around Norway

Traveling by Road:

Norway features an extensive road network that reaches most of the country. The roads for the most part are in good condition but during the winter months some roads can become impassable. Take note if driving during the winter months as the weather can change without notice and leave you stranded in remote areas. Some roads in the northern part of the country close during the winter months so check in advance if planning on driving in the winter. Be aware of large animals crossing the road such as Elk as then can be the cause of serious damage if involved in an accident with one.
Traffic in Norway travels on the right-hand side and you must be 18 years old to drive. Seatbelts are mandatory for all passengers and headlights must be on at all times. Speed limits are strictly enforced and are usually posted at 31mph in built up areas and 61mph on highways. Renting a car in Norway provides the best opportunity to explore this vast country and all that it has to offer.

Traveling by Rail:

Norway does feature a reliable rail network, but it isn't the most extensive system. The rail system only goes as far north as Bodø, but most major cities can be reached via rail. The rail system can be expensive but it does provide a unique way to view this beautiful country, particularly on longer journeys through the countryside. Service is available for short and long journeys, and seats must be reserved on express trains. Sleeper trains are available for longer journeys and you can expect either a buffet or restaurant car for these trips.

Traveling by Bus:

Unlike the rail network, the bus system in Norway reaches just about all of the country, with some exceptions during the winter months when some roads are closed. Bus service is available for both local transportation as well as long haul journeys. It is recommended to book tickets in advance for long haul trips while short distance trip tickets can be purchased prior to boarding. Bus travel is usually a little bit cheaper than the train and takes longer for similar routes. Expect the buses to be clean, on time and comfortable.

Traveling by Boat:

There are numerous ferry companies in Norway. Ferries and boats run daily routes up and down the coast as well as to all the islands and through the fjords. With such an extensive coastline, traveling by boat is a very popular option of travel in Norway, especially during the warm summer months. Seeing this country by water is a great way to see the country and will become a lasting memory with all the beautiful sights that you will experience.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxis are available in most major towns and cities throughout Norway. Expect the taxis to be metered and it is not customary to tip the driver as the fare includes the tip. Taxis can be booked by phone in advance or hired from a taxi rank. Taxis cannot be hailed from the street.

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