Getting Around New Zealand

Traveling by Road:

New Zealand does feature a comprehensive road network that allows easy access throughout the country. The roads are generally in good condition with most roads being paved. Traffic drives on the left hand side and you must be 17 years old to drive in New Zealand. If the car is equipped with seatbelts, you must wear them, both front and rear seats. Speed limits are enforced and generally posted at 31mph in built up areas and 62mph on highways. Renting a car in New Zealand offers the best way to explore this amazing country on your own schedule.

Traveling by Rail:

Traveling by rail in New Zealand is the best option for travel but can get you from one place to another. Rail travel is notoriously slow, which is fine if you don't mind sitting back, relaxing and taking in all the sights of the New Zealand countryside. Most rail journeys focus on the sightseeing part of the trip as opposed to being an efficient means of travel.

Traveling by Bus:

The bus network in New Zealand is very extensive and is a great way to travel around, but take note of the great distances between major cities. Auckland and Wellington is separated by an 11 hour journey, which can be uncomfortable on a bus. Bus travel is available for regional, local and sightseeing tours in the major tourist hot spots. Bus travel is an affordable means of transportation and should be used for those short distance journeys if you don't rent a car.

Traveling by Boat:

There are regular ferry and transport options connecting New Zealand with the surrounding islands as well as mainland Australia. Other than that most water transport options are reserved for sightseeing tours more so than a means of transportation. Seeing New Zealand by water is an excellent way to see the sights of this unique country.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxis are available for hire in most major towns and cities. Taxis are metered so make sure the meter is turned on before embarking towards your destination. Tipping isn't mandatory but for good service a small tip will make the driver happy.

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