Getting Around the Netherlands

Traveling by Road:

The Netherlands features a very comprehensive road system that reaches all parts of the country. Traffic can become very congested around major metropolises, especially during rush hours. Traffic drives on the right-hand side and you must be at least 18 years old to drive a car. Seatbelts are required for all passengers and the car must contain a red warning triangle. Note that while driving within major cities cars must yield to all trains. Renting a car in the Netherlands is a great option because much of the beauty of this country lies on the outskirts of the major tourist destinations.

Traveling by Bicycle:

By far the most popular way to travel around the Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, bicycles actually out number people. Most roads feature isolated bike lanes and the country is flat making it an ideal way to explore this country. There are even options to rent bicycles throughout the Netherlands, but make sure you rent from a legit company as the black market for stolen bicycles is very prevalent in the Netherlands.

Traveling by Rail:

The rail network in the Netherlands is very extensive and covers just about the entire country. Prices are very reasonable and trains run very often making it easy to get from one place to another. There are also plenty of international trains connecting to surrounding European countries including England via the Channel Tunnel. Trains can fill up fast, especially on long distance rides, so it is advisable to book early, which can also save you money.

Traveling by Bus:

The bus system isn't as comprehensive as the rail system, but it does provide an efficient and sometimes more affordable option to train travel. Long distance bus travel is available, but prices usually run on par with train fares, making the train the more obvious choice as a faster means of moving about the country. Local coach buses and guided tours are available throughout the country offering a chance for some comfortable sightseeing.

Traveling by Boat:

Being a nation with an extensive coastline, multiple rivers and countless canals, traveling by boat and ferry is a viable option while in the Netherlands. Regular ferries and charters connect the Netherlands with neighboring islands and countries such as Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. Sightseeing cruises are also readily available alongside the picturesque canals of Amsterdam.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxis are available throughout the Netherlands and they are usually not hailed in the street like in other countries. Traditionally taxis are called on in advance and come pick you up at your location. Make sure there is a meter inside the cab that will calculate the fare as well as include the tip. Be sure to not tip extra!

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