Getting Around Luxembourg

Traveling by Road:

Luxembourg features an extensive road system that enables easy transport within the country. Traffic drives on the right and the minimum age to drive is 18 years old. If the car you are traveling in has seat belts, it is mandatory that they are worn. The residential speed limit is posted at 31mph and highway speed limit of 74mph. Take note that some minor road offences must be paid on the spot, usually not more than 15 Euros so it is mandatory that all drivers carry this amount at all times. A rental car in Luxembourg offers one the ability to see this small yet vast country on your own terms.

Traveling by Rail:

The rail network in Luxembourg is very efficient as it pairs up with the bus network to cover every region of the country. Rail travel is affordable and punctual and is the preferred way to travel between cities and towns. Rail service is not available for intercity travel, as most places of interest are within walking distance. The rail service offers flexible pass options designed to cater to all types of travelers and their specific needs.

Traveling by Boat:

As a landlocked nation not featuring many waterways, traveling by boat is not an easy option for travel.

Traveling by Bus:

Bus travel is a viable option to move across Luxembourg, linking most towns and cities together. Bus travel is essential in Luxembourg City, as train service isn't available and taxis can be expensive at times. Bus service is also available for getting from town to town and is an alternative to train travel. Expect the buses to arrive on time and be a comfortable mode of transportation.

Traveling by Taxi:

While taxis are available in Luxembourg, they can be a very expensive luxury. Fares increase for traveling at night and on Sundays. Taxis can be booked by telephone or hired from a taxi rank, but will not stop if you try to hail them from the street. Taxi drivers will expect a tip of about 10%, but tip accordingly to the service received.

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