Getting Around Latvia

Traveling by Road:

The road network in Latvia is extensive but road conditions are in fair to poor shape. Roads are littered with potholes and Latvian drivers tend to drive at high speeds and pass at inappropriate times. However you will find the highways to be in decent shape. Traffic drives on the right-hand side and you must be 18 years old to drive in Latvia. Headlights must be on at all times of the day and seatbelts are required to be worn by law. The legal limit for alcohol in your system is .05% so take note if you plan on having a drink before you drive. Speed limits are posted at 31mph in cities and 62mph on the highways and speeding tickets need to be paid on the spot, so carry enough money on you. Renting a car in Latvia is the best way to see this country with the freedom of the open road at your command.

Traveling by Rail:

The rail network in Latvia connects Riga to most major towns and cities together. Regular trains run from Riga to international cities such as Moscow and Vilnius, and these tickets need to be purchased in advance. For all trains, tickets cannot be purchased with a credit card on board the train. If planning on sleeping on a train it is advised that you don't book a 3rd class seat as there is no option for reclining.

Traveling by Bus:

The bus network covers the entire country and is the preferred method of public transportation in Latvia. Bus travel is cheaper and faster than traveling by train and can service anywhere in the country as well as international destinations. Tickets can be purchased at the bus station or directly from the bus driver.

Traveling by Boat:

Both international and regional travel is available by water in Latvia. Most ferries and boats leave from Riga and can accommodate cars and usually feature a restaurant and bar. Taking a cruise through the Baltic Sea is a great way to experience this region of the world.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities. Taxis are all privately run and should have a meter in them. Make sure the meter is switched on or you agree to a price before embarking on your journey. Taxis are more expensive at night so take note of this. Tipping is not expected but leaving some small change for good service will be greatly appreciated.

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