Getting Around Germany

Traveling by Road:

Home to one of the more famous highway networks in the world, the Autobahn, Germany has a very modern road network. The Autobahn is the highway network that connects the major cities together and is an efficient way to move around the country. The allure of the Autobahn is that there are no legal speed limit posted, which is heaven for those lucky enough to cruise the streets in a Porsche or Mercedes Benz. Extra attention needs to be paid for first time drivers on the Autobahn as cars can approach and overtake you very quickly on this high speed motorway. All roadways in Germany are toll free and the minimum driving age is 18. Traffic drives on the right side of the road and all passengers must use a seatbelt if the car is equipped with them.

Traveling by Rail:

Home of the super fast InterCity and InterCity Express trains, German rail systems are a great way to move around the country as well as internationally. The system, run by Deutsche Bahn, is so expansive that even the tiny towns and villages are accessibly by rail. When on vacation in Germany, try to avoid using the rail system during peak rush hour times, as trains are a popular way for commuters to get to and from work.

Traveling by Bus:
Not the most popular way to travel around Germany, coach bus transport is an option that is available, sometimes being more affordable than rail travel. Long term travel by bus is an option but the more common types of coach transport is by touring companies offering local, informative tours.

Traveling by Boat:

While not the first option for people looking to get somewhere in Germany in a hasty manner, water transport is an option in Germany. Germany's many rivers and canals provide ample opportunity for water transport. When one travels by water they are doing so as a form of entertainment as it provides a unique perspective on this interesting country. Lake Constance offers water transport from Germany into Austria and Switzerland, as well as beautiful scenery.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxis are available in most major towns and cities and can by hired by hailing them on the street, waiting at a taxi rank (station) or calling a company to send a taxi to your location. In the smaller towns it is advised to call a taxi ahead of time to make sure that your transportation arrives on time. A tip of 10% of the fare is expected for taxi drivers.

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