Getting Around Finland

Traveling by Road:

Finland does feature a very extensive road network that covers most of the country and offers stunning views of the countryside. Renting a car in Finland is the best way to see this beautiful country on your own terms. The roads in Finland are well maintained for the most part but caution has to be taken during winter months as snow and ice can make roads hazardous to pass. During the months of December to February snow tires are mandatory by law. Motorists also need to pay attention for Elk and Reindeer as they can cause serious injury and even death when involved in accidents.
You must be 18 years old in order to drive a car in Finland and all traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road. There are no toll roads in Finland and seatbelts must be worn at all times.

Traveling by Rail:

Finland boasts a very widespread rail network that covers a large portion of the country. Besides being on-time, clean and affordable, the Finnish rail system prides itself in operating even during the most inhospitable weather that Finland experiences. Finland offers four different types of trains, all with varying speeds, destinations and class levels. The fastest being Pendolino shuttle connects major cities while Inter-City and Express trains operate more local destinations. Finland offers a double-decked Inter-City trains that will travel slower than their single story cousins, but are able to hold more people therefore the fares are more affordable. Train travel is a great means of transport for intercity travel as well as long distance and international travel.

Traveling by Bus:

The bus network also covers a large portion of the country like the rail system. Buses are clean, comfortable and efficient, but can be more subject to bad weather days more so than the rail system. Bus travel is available for short distance travel as well as international and regional travel within Finland. Tickets are either purchased in advance or on the buses themselves, depending on the particular operating company. There are discounts for age groups as well as for groups that are traveling together.

Traveling by Boat:

There are numerous options for traveling via water in Finland. Daily ferries connect Helsinki to Stockholm along with other international destinations. Local ferries and waterbuses are available for transport within Finland and can be booked in advance. Finland also offers numerous options for sightseeing tours via water which offer fantastic views of the country.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available most major towns and cities and all airports throughout Finland. Fares will be more expensive for night and weekend travel, and tipping is not customary in Finland. Taxis can be hailed from the street or booked at a taxi rank found in most major cities.

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