Getting Around Estonia

Traveling by Road:

Estonia features a very comprehensive road network that covers the entire country. Renting a car in Estonia is the best way to see this country as one can drive from one side of the country to the other in just about 4 hours. The roads are in good condition but take extra caution during the winter months as Estonia does experience harsh winters.
Traffic travels on the right-hand side of the road and you must be 18 years old to drive in Estonia. Beware of hidden speed traps on the highways and obey posted speed limits of 31mph in town and 56mph on highways. Estonia has a no tolerance policy for drunken driving meaning any trace amount of alcohol can get you in trouble. This means make sure you are good to drive, even the morning after a night of drinking as alcohol still remains in your system.

Traveling by Rail:

The rail network in Estonia has undergone drastic changes in the past decade to where it now covers just about the entire country, linking most major towns and cities together. Train travel is now affordable, efficient and allows for local, regional and international travel. Sleeper and couchette cabins are available for longer journeys and it is not recommended to book a regular seat if you plan on sleeping on the train. Take note that tickets cannot be paid for by credit card on board any train, so have cash on you.

Traveling by Bus:

The bus network in Estonia is very efficient and covers the entire country. Bus travel is actually more convenient than train travel as the network has been in place longer and there are more frequent routes to popular destinations. Coach travel is cheaper than train travel and often times more comfortable than the trains. Buses service both intercity and long distance travel and are usually faster than taking a train. Try and buy your tickets from a newsstand to avoid paying higher prices when buying from the bus driver.

Traveling by Boat:

Boat and ferry travel is a viable option in Estonia because of its seaside location. Ferries and hydrofoils operate regularly with service to neighboring port cities, both local and international. Hydrofoils tend to be more expensive but get you to your destination faster while ferries have the option of taking your rental car along with you. Guided tours on the water offer a great opportunity for great views of Estonia.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities, but in Tallinn the city is so compact that walking is the best way to move about. Make sure to agree to the fare before employing the taxi driver and you can ask for a receipt of the fare that you paid. Tipping is not expected but if you feel you have received great service than a small tip will be appreciated.

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