Getting Around Croatia

Traveling by Road:

The current road network in Croatia has seen great improvement over the last few years to where the network reaches most of the country. Traffic drives on the right-hand side, seatbelts are mandatory and you must be 18 in order to drive. Croatian law states that headlights must be on at all times and there are strict penalties for drunk driving. Random road-side breath tests are not uncommon. Speed limits for built up areas will be posted at 31mph and on highways at 81mph. Renting a car in Croatia is a great way to see this beautiful country and all the stunning seaside towns on your own schedule.

Traveling by Rail:

The rail network in Croatia is extensive and covers most major towns and cities, except for the popular tourist spot of Dubrovnik. The rail system offers comfortable travel in different classes at affordable prices. Couchettes and sleeper cabins are available for overnight trains and it is recommended that you book these in advance as they tend to fill up quickly. Train services are available for short and long haul journeys, as well as international routes to surrounding countries.

Traveling by Bus:

The Croatian bus network is very extensive and often times works in conjunction with the rail system. Bus travel is slightly more affordable than train travel and often services routes more often than the trains do. The bus network services both long haul regional and international journeys as well as intercity routes. Bus travel is the best way to access the tourist city of Dubrovnik.

Traveling by Boat:

With such an extensive coastline, boat and ferry travel is a great way to travel around Croatia. Regular ferries run from the mainland to the numerous surrounding islands. The ferry services are affordable and offer amazing views of Croatia from the water. There are multiple class services on ferry routes, from bench seating for the shorter trips to sleeper cabins for the longer trips, such as Rijeka to Dubrovnik.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities in Croatia, and can be hired from a rank or booked by telephone. Make sure the taxi has a meter or the fare is agreed to before embarking to your destination. Tipping isn't normally expected by taxi drivers but leaving the change will be adequate enough. Leave more if you feel you received excellent service.

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