Getting Around Austria

Traveling by Road:

The road network in Austria is a very extensive one. Drivers must be aware of the seasonal conditions in Austria as severe winter conditions are very common and can cause the roads to become near impassible. All traffic drives on the right and the minimum driving age is 18. All cars are required to carry a first aid kit as well as an emergency warning triangle. Highway speed limits are 81mph and 31mph in built up areas. Headlights must be on at all times and a seatbelt is required to be worn by all passengers, regardless of age. Highways the require a toll are marked with an "S" sign and can be paid by purchasing a 10-day, 2 month or 1 year toll pass. Vehicles without a toll pass can be subject to a fine. If renting a car in Austria, make sure that the car is equipped with all required equipment and paperwork before venturing into the country.

Traveling by Rail:

Traveling around Austria is a very efficient way of getting around. It is cost efficient as well as reliable and convenient. Regular trains run daily connecting all major cities and towns. Intercity rail systems are also available in most cities, providing a very cost efficient way of moving about major cities. Traveling by train is usually the most popular way to move about Austria, and one ride on the rail system will prove this. Rail passes are available for frequent travel, available in 3, 5 or 10 days unlimited travel.

Traveling by Bus:

If you are trying to get somewhere in Austria that isn't accessed by the rail system, there is a good chance that you'll be able to get there via coach bus. Bus transports are a popular way to access some of the remote skiing villages that can sometimes be difficult to get to.

Traveling by Boat:

With the convenience and utility of the Danube River, water transportation is a viable option for getting around in Austria. Taking a river cruise is a great option for a holiday experience a little outside of the box. Cruising down the Danube offers a very unique perspective to Austria that is an experience unto itself.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi hire is readily available in all major cities and towns. Make sure the cab has a meter to be sure that it is a legit cab company and not a fraud. A unique option for traveling within major cities is to hire a traditional horse drawn carriage for a memorable ride through the city.

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