Cheap flights to Europe from Miami

Getting cheap flights from Miami to Europe shouldn't require you to travel at strange and uncomfortable hours. With over 80 international flights leaving out of Miami International airport the key to getting on the right flight at the right price is to work with an experienced professional agent. Since few people have the time anymore to sit down with an agent, we have developed our over-the-phone booking service. You get to talk to a live person who has access to the travel database and knowledge of how scheduling for international flights can work from Miami.


Cheap Flights to Europe from Miami


They can also help you explore all of your options. From booking a round-trip flight to assembling a custom discount flight package, our agents can help to make your trip a success. One thing you do need to make sure you do is make sure you are aware of the current security times at Miami International. The old adage of arriving at least an hour before your flight doesn't apply anymore. During peak travel times you could run into significant delays just from waiting in line to pass through security.

Cheapest flights to Europe from Miami

The key to finding the cheapest airfare to Europe from Miami is to expand your awareness of the potential for a cheap trip. Many people make the mistake of thinking only round-trip tickets can provide a meaningful discount, but expand your travel plans and you may also be able to save more. One thing you want to think about is where you want a direct flight placed versus where would having shorter flights allow you to add more to your trip. When you speak to one of our over-the-phone agents they can help you identify all the opportunities you have on your trip to save money and see more. Depending on the time of the year you are traveling and what you want to see there are a variety of possibilities for travel packages. As said before, you can put a direct flight where you think you want it – or create a package of shorter flights to allow you to see more. With our experienced agents and state of the art booking technology, we can find and create the best travel package for you. Travel cheap, but travel well. Our service is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your trip and to helping you stay within your budget. Your money should be spent on enjoying and exploring, not just getting there.

The Miami International Airport is southern Florida's biggest airport. It was opened to commercial flights in 1928 and serves as a hub for American Airlines, UPS Airlines and FedEx Express.

It is the 25th busiest airport in the world, seeing over 30 million passengers yearly. MIA serves 49 domestic and 80 international destinations. The airport covers 3,330 acres and has 4 runways

The airport offers a variety of facilities including: a full service bank, post office, ATMs, bureaux de change, wireless access, restaurants, lounges, snack bars, cocktail lounges, gift shops, pharmacies, salons and a chapel.


Miami International Airport
PO Box 025504
Miami, FL

Telephone: 305-876-7000

IATA Airport Code: MIA

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