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If you haven't been through Logan Airport in a while you’re in for a pleasant surprise. It can be hard to believe that such a state of the art airport can still offer some of the best cheap flights from Boston to Europe. Logan remains one of the central hubs for air travel between the continents. They are handling more and more travelers each year and the recent upgrades not only make the airport more efficient, they also provide you with more amenities.

Cheap Flights to Europe from Boston

One of those amenities you may want to take advantage of is the money exchange services. You never want to land in another country and not have at least some of their currency already in your wallet. The exchange rates are regulated, but they can still be higher than you would get at a bank. While they may be slightly higher, they will be much lower than the exchange rates found at services at the arrivals gates in other airports. You also don't want to offer dollars for taxi fares when you arrive because you are sure to pay more than you intended. Other amenities in Logan include charging stations and Wi-Fi. These are all essential to making sure you are well prepared to stay comfortable during your trans-Atlantic flight.

Cheapest flights to Europe from Boston

If you are looking for the cheapest airfare to Europe from Boston your best bet is to call and talk to one of our over-the-phone service agents. Our agents are experienced and professional. They can help you to find the best round-trip airfare, create a money-saving package travel deal, and identify different options for flight patterns that can truly deliver the lowest prices possible. With all the different factors that can influence the cost of flying, you don't want to leave your options up to an automated search system that delivers the same results to everyone online.

The other thing you should discuss with your over-the-phone agent is any special requirements you may have while you travel. Needing mobility assistance doesn't put cheap flights out of your reach. More and more airlines are offering better services, but you still have to know which seats you want and which you don't. Once you have made all of your travel arrangements you can relax and begin to prepare for your trip. If you should run into a problem with your flights while you are traveling, that same over-the-phone agent can help you re-book missed or canceled flights so you stay on schedule too.

Logan Airport (BOS) General Information

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, called simply Logan for short, is the major airport that serves the New England area. Handling over 3 million passengers per year, Logan is the 12th busiest in the United States for international flights. It is the only major airport in the U.S. not serving as a hub for a full service airline.

Logan has four terminals, (A, B, C and E) six runways and a total of 103 gates.

Logan International Airport strives toward being environmentally friendly and has taken several steps to ensure emission reductions including (but not limited to) the following initiatives:

  • A renovation of the Terminal B Garage which includes LED lighting (thus reducing electricity consumption by 49%) and solar panels on the roof.
  • The use of alternative energy at the airport which includes Compressed Natural Gas buses and wind turbines at the Logan Office Center.
  • The purchase of 75 battery powered conveyer belt vehicles and luggage cart tugs. The use of these will drastically improve the air quality around the airport.

Logan is the first airport in the world to be LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

It is approximately three miles from downtown Boston, reachable by bus, taxi, subway or rental car.

Boston Airport Information

Boston Logan International Airport
1 Harborside Drive
East Boston, MA

Telephone: 617-561-1800

Fax: 617-561-1889

IATA Airport Code: BOS

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