Customs in Iceland

The official language of Iceland, spoken by a majority of the population, is Icelandic.

The currency used in Iceland is the Iceland Krona (ISK) - kr

Customs and Etiquette in Everyday Life and Socialization

The traditional greeting is a brief, firm handshake upon meeting as well as upon departure.

If you are invited to an Icelandic home for dinner, be prompt. Dress nicely as though you are attending a meeting.

Customs and Etiquette in Business

Appointments are necessary and should be made well in advance.

Men should dress in a dark suit, tie and polished shoes. Ladies should wear a conservative business suit or dress.

There is not a lot of small talk before getting to the business at hand. If you are giving a presentation, avoid making exaggerated statements as they are not appreciated, your presentation should get right to the point.

Your business card should be presented upon meeting.

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