Customs in Denmark

Over 98% of the population in Denmark speaks the Scandinavian language Danish, while German is the second most spoken language.

The currency used in Denmark is the Krone (DKK) - kr

Most households are nuclear families, or unmarried couples. The majority of parents raise their children to be independent from a young age.

Customs and Etiquette in Everyday Life and Socialization

Always shake hands with everyone present when you are arriving and upon your departure. Start with the women first, and don't forget to shake hands with the children.

If invited to a Danish home for dinner, do not be late! Check and see if your hosts would like you to bring a dessert. If they decline, bring a nice bottle of wine. Most homes have a "no-shoes" policy, so verify before entering whether or not you should remove yours. Offer to help with dinner preparation. If the hostess refuses, offer to help with clean up when the meal is finished.

When in comes to gratuity, tipping is accepted and appreciated in Denmark.

• Restaurants: 10% is a standard tip
• Taxis: Round up to the nearest even amount
• Bellhops & Porters: 5 DKK (Kroner) per bag

Customs and Etiquette in Business

Appointments are necessary and should be confirmed in writing. Promptness is key as the Danish people are very punctual

Men should dress in dark or medium colored suits, with a neutral colored shirt and tie. Women should wear conservative dresses, or stylish business suits with minimal accessories.

Upon arrival and departure, shake hands with each individual, women first. Handshakes should be firm and brief. If you are meeting someone with a professional title, it should be used when you are speaking with them along with their surname. If they do not have a title, use: Herr (Mr.), Fru (Mrs.) or Froken (Miss).

Your presentation should be factual and organized. Use charts, figures and other visual aids to back up your facts.

Business cards are exchanged without ritual. Have one side printed in Danish to show respect to your associates and attention to detail. Include any advanced academic degrees or honors and your company's founding date.

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