Customs in Cyprus

Cyprus has two official languages, Greek and Turkish. The majority of the population speaks Greek.

Currency used in Cyprus is the Euro (EUR) - €

Family is the foundation of social structure in Cyprus; many households include extended family members. Extended family members are expected to be there for each other emotionally and financially. As a hierarchical society, Cypriots respect their elders tremendously; children are expected to care for their parents as they grow old.

Customs and Etiquette in Everyday Life and Socialization

When meeting someone, shake hands and smile during the greeting. Shake hands with everyone present, even children, beginning with the eldest. If you are attending a social gathering, wait to be introduced to others by your host.

If you are invited to a Cypriot home for dinner, dress as though you were attending a business meeting and do not be late. Bring your hosts an edible gift such as a pastry or pie and offer to help with meal preparation (or cleanup afterwards). Remain standing until shown to your seat, and do not begin eating until your hostess does. Try and finish everything on your plate as leftover food can be perceived as rude.

While tipping is not expected in Cyprus, it is appreciated.

• Restaurants: 10%
• Taxis: Round up cab fare
• Porters and Bellhops: €1 per bag

Customs and Etiquette in Business

When scheduling a business meeting in Cyprus, the appointment should be made well in advance in writing and confirmed by telephone. Cypriots are punctual people, if you might be even five minutes late, call and let your associates know.

When attending a business meeting in Cyprus, men should wear dark, conservative suits with ties and ladies should wear conservative dresses or business suits. Accessories are usually worn as well.

When presenting your product, avoid making exaggerated claims. Be prepared for meetings to go off of the agenda at times, as they may be interrupted frequently. Decisions are not normally made at meetings; rather, ideas are exchanged and discussed.

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