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Serbia is a beautiful country located in the rolling hills of the central Balkans. The Southern European country is one of the oldest in Europe and is home to just over 10 million people.

Serbia occupies a historically important geographic crossroad between Eastern and Western Europe. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, serves as an intersection on the storied Oriental Express trade road. The ancient route connects Vienna to Macedonia. As a result Serbian culture is a fusion of Balkan elegance. Let 1-800-Fly-Europe provide you with a cheap flight to Belgrade. 1-800-Fly-Europe offers cheap flights to Serbia with lots of booking options for you to choose from.

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Serbia is home to many wonderful castles and historic buildings. While in Serbia be sure to visit the Golubac Castle. Rich with Roman and Ottoman history, the Golubac fortress is an impressive castle in Golubac, Serbia. Built in the 14th century, the majestic castle overlooks the storied Danube River. The ten towers of the stoned citadel serve as a picture perfect backdrop to this incredible city.

Serbia's tallest mountain, Kopaonik Peak and the surrounding National Park covers 12,000 breathtaking hectares of terrain. Kopaonik National Park is full of lush valleys and flowing streams. The vast wilderness is a great place to explore and enjoy a hike in the summer or ski in the winter. 1-800-Fly-Europe has cheap flights to Serbia, so getting to Europe is even cheaper. 1-800-Fly-Europe has competitive rates on cheap airfare to Serbia, so booking flights to Serbia is simple to do.

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Pay a visit to Belgrade, one of the oldest cities in Europe. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, literally has thousands of great sites to see and explore. The Belgrade National Museum is a great place to visit while on vacation. The museum's extensive collection features over 400,000 works of art on display. The art work gives visitors a unique opportunity to see the storied history of Europe through its classical paintings.

Serbian cuisine has been influenced by Russians, Austrians and Ottomans. Traditional Serbian food is known to be rich with flavor. While in Serbia be sure to try some of the wonderful dishes such as the Sarme. The dish features a tasty vine leaf wrapped around a rice and meat roll spiced with paprika. 1-800-Fly-Europe's great deals and excellent service are just two more reasons to choose 1-800-Fly-Europe for all of your air travel needs for cheap flights to Serbia.

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