Cheap Flights to Malta

Cheap Flights to Malta

Malta is a small European country located off of the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. This locale gives the island a warm climate throughout the majority of the year. The Republic of Malta is actually comprised of 7 different islands, so try and see as much of this beautiful archipelago as possible.

Malta has an incredibly rich history, and was first settled in 5200 B.C. The islands have changed hands many times over the millennia, which has led to a very diverse cultural background. Visitors can explore this past in many of the historical sites found throughout Malta.

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While in Malta be sure to pay a visit to the Dingli Cliffs. The cliffs tower 220 metres in the air, with sheer white stone that drops off into the cobalt blue sea below. Standing on these cliffs offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the islands and the surrounding ocean. There are few natural marvels as impressive as the Dengli Cliffs.

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Cheap Flights to Malta

Another great place to visit in Malta is the Grand Master's Palace. This incredible castle was once home to the Knights of St. John, but is now the location of Malta's Parliament. Vast arching ceilings and tiled inlaid floors are just a few of the aspects of this extravagant palace that will captivate you. The exquisite detail that has been put into every facet of the building will leave you wondering what each new room has to offer.

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Cheap Flights to Malta
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