Cheap Flights to Cologne, Germany

Cheap Flights to Cologne

Cologne is Germany's fourth largest city after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich with a population of about 1 million. Founded in 38 B.C. by the Romans, Cologne is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Cologne is an exciting place, nestled in the Rhine-Rhur Metro Area, one of the most populated European metro areas.

Cologne is a wonderful cultural center, home to more than thirty museums and hundreds of galleries. Recently, Cologne has come to be known as the Media Center of Germany with several radio and television stations based in the city. Let 1-800-Fly-Europe provide you with discount airfare to get to Cologne and into the surrounding metro areas. 1-800-Fly-Europe offers cheap flights into Cologne with lots of booking options for you to choose from.

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The center of Cologne was completely destroyed during World War II, with reconstruction following in the 1950's. Spared during the war, Cologne's most famous landmark, the Cologne Cathedral serves as the cities unofficial symbol. Started in 1248 A.D. and completed in 1880 A.D., the gothic church supposedly contains the relics of the three Magi. This gorgeous cathedral is a must-see on any trip to Cologne.

Along with the Cologne Cathedral, the Roman German Museum is worth visiting. The museum is just one of the many in Cologne, but is most notable for their collection of Roman and Germanic cultural artifacts. 1-800-Fly-Europe has competitive rates on airfare to Cologne, so booking flights to Germany is easy to do.

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Tourists and locals flock to Cologne every November for the annual, Cologne Carnival, one of the biggest street festivals in all of Europe. The festival begins November 11th and continues until Ash Wednesday. It is a time of celebration for all, often with millions of people enjoying the food and good German Beer.

Germany and Cologne are both known for their beer. Locals prefer a beer called, Kolsch. Kolsch is a strong beer, and is also the name of a local dialect. A cold Kolsch is one of the many refreshing things about visiting Cologne. 1-800-Fly-Europe's great deals and excellent service are just two more reasons to choose 1-800-Fly-Europe for all of your air travel needs.

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