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Lorient is a charming city of 61,000 people, located in the Brittany province of France. A strategically located sea port, Lorient sits on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Once a key base for French colonialism and trade operations in the 17th century, Lorient evolved into a quaint town after World War II. Sitting at the junction of the Rivers Scorff, Tef and Blavet, Lorient attracts hundreds of people for the great fishing and sailing. Let 1-800-Fly-Europe provide you with discount airfare to get to Lorient. 1-800-Fly-Europe has cheap flights to Lorient with lots of booking options for you to choose from.

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Lorient is one of France's best kept secrets. With the romantic coastline and historic villages, Lorient entertains and enthralls tourists and locals alike. The most popular time to visit Lorient is in August, during the annual Interceltic Festival. The gathering takes place in the heart of the city and features Celtic musicians, singers, dancers and other artists. Over 500,000 people each year visit Lorient to experience the traditional Celtic culture.

With great views of the Atlantic Ocean and endless coast lines, Lorient is a great place for renting bikes. In particular, the Ile de Groix, a narrow peninsula just 8 kilometers long offers a rewarding bike ride with a view of the ocean and the city of Lorient. 1-800-Fly-Europe has discount flights to Lorient, so getting to France is even cheaper. 1-800-Fly-Europe has competitive rates on airfare to Lorient, so booking cheap flights to France is simple to do.

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Lorient is among the largest fishing ports in France, and if you visit the piers early in the morning, you can watch the auction of the nights catch. Lorient's residents are known for only using local produce and fish. Enjoy delightful cuisine all over town, especially at the port, where you can enjoy delicious crepes and hot cider.

Most of the city of Lorient landmarks were destroyed during World War II, but one of the remaining structures is the Keroman Submarine Base. Open to the public, visitors can explore the base and see the submarine pens made famous for storing German U-Boats during World War II. 1-800-Fly-Europe's great deals and excellent service are just two more reasons to choose 1-800-Fly-Europe for all of your air travel needs.

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