Swedish Phrases

Swedish is the national language but English is widely spoken throughout as a second language.

Hello: Hej Pronounced: Hey
Good Morning: God Morgon Pronounced: Gom moren
Good night: God natt Pronounced: Go-natt
Good bye: Hej då Pronounced: Hey doe
How are you?: Hur mår du? Pronounced: Hur moar du
Thank you: Tack Pronounced: Tuck
Excuse Me: Ursäkta Pronounced: Ur-sekta
Please: Snälla Pronounced: Snella
My name is…: Jag heter Pronounced: Ya hej-ter
Can you help me?: Kan du hjälpa mig? Pronounced: Kan du he-lpa may?
Do you speak English?: Talar du engelska? Pronounced: Tallar doo engleska?
Where is the toilett?: Var är toaletten? Pronounced: Var asy twaletten 
How much does it cost?: Hur mycket kostar det? Pronounced: Who meke kostar det
Yes: Ja Pronounced: Ya
No: Nej Pronounced: Nay

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