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A landlocked nation in southeastern Europe, Serbia is bordered by Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. Despite its war torn past, Serbia is slowly becoming a popular, undiscovered tourist destination in Europe.

A great place to experience art and culture, Serbia has been home to many cultures over the years and the best place to experience this is in the small city of Novi Sad, located in the northern part of Serbia. Home to numerous cafes, restaurants, bars and wine cellars, Novi Sad is teeming with culture. A must visit in Novi Sad is the Petrovaradin Fortress, a stronghold that has housed the Romans, Celts, Slavs and Ottomans throughout the years.

The open-air museum in Sirogojno is built to resemble a traditional Serbian village, complete with reenactments of festivals and holidays, traditional crafts and trade works, all functioning just as it did centuries ago. For those looking for a more relaxing vacation, Serbia can cater to that as well. At the foot of Mount Goc, Vrnjacka Banja and its healing spas and mineral springs have long been a tourist destination as far back as 1860.

Serbia can also boast a very lively and bustling nightlife, one of the best in Eastern Europe. Restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs are popping up all over the country, mainly in Belgrade, helping the country to shed its dark past and become a hot spot for tourism. Book your hotel in Serbia with 1-800-Fly-Europe and save money on a trip to a country that is teeming with history and culture.

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