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The island country of Ireland (also known as the Emerald Isle) is bounded by the North Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea, North Channel and the Celtic Sea.

There are multiple golf courses and links located throughout Ireland, offering the visitor quite a variety of places to swing their clubs. Some of the most popular places to play are the Old Head Golf Links in Cork, Dublin's Royal Dublin Golf Club and the Ballyliffin Golf Club in the Inishowen Region of Northern Ireland.

Ireland is also home to the most famous of all dry stout beers, Guinness, brewed at St. James' Gate in Dublin. There are over 25 breweries and distilleries all throughout Ireland, offering tours and tastings.

Ireland's rich history can be explored by visiting some of the many castles and museums located throughout the country. There are many popular sites to visit and learn about Ireland's past. Bru na Boinne, a prehistoric complex of chamber tombs and other enclosures that date back to the 32nd century BC, located in County Meath, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other places of interest include the Kilkenny Castle, Blarney Castle and Stone and the Viking city walls at Waterford City.

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