Getting Around Sweden

Traveling by Road:

The Swedish road network is a very expansive one and roads are well maintained. You can drive just about anywhere in the country, including the entire country from north to south. The roads in Sweden for the most part remain uncongested, but caution needs to be taken to avoid Elk and other large wildlife. Elk tend to travel in small groups so if you see one, expect to see more following behind it.
You must be 18 years old to drive a car in Sweden and all traffic drives on the right-hand side. Seat belts must be worn, headlights are required to be on at all times and all children under the age of 7 must sit in a child safety seat. Winter tires must be equipped between the months of November through April. Rent a car in Sweden and experience this magnificent country on your own terms.

Traveling by Rail:

Traveling by train in Sweden is an experience in comfort and efficiency. The network covers just about every region of Sweden. There are different levels of service depending on the length of the journey. Sweden features the high-speed train X2000, which can reach speeds of up to 125mph and offers standard, business, and second class services. Within the major cities, a metro rail system is available making it easy to travel across the city. Take note in Stockholm of the beautifully decorated metro stops that have been painted by local artists.

Traveling by Bus:

A cheaper option to train travel, bus service exists in most towns and cities. The bus network covers just about the entire country, and often times picks up from where the rail network stops. Bus service is available for short and long journeys. Private tours and charters are available for hire in most major cities.

Traveling by Boat:

Travel by boat is an option in Sweden, just mainly for international travel and sightseeing. Domestic travel service is limited to the southern part of the country, with the most comprehensive travel network being in Stockholm and all the surrounding islands. International travel is available for travel to other Scandinavian countries as well as the other surrounding European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands. Sightseeing via water is a very popular way of seeing Sweden.

Traveling by Taxi:

Taxi service is available in most major towns and cities throughout Sweden, and can either be booked in advanced, hailed from the street or hired from a taxi rank. Expect higher rates on the weekends and at night. Tipping is generally around 10% of the fare but can vary depending on the level of service you received.

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Children (under 11):