Customs in Greece

The official language of Greece is Greek which is spoken by approximately 98% of the population.

The currency used in Greece is the Euro (EUR) - €

The Greeks have strong family values and are proud of the culture and ancestral roots. Many homes hold more than one generation. If members of an extended family do not live together, they are within close proximity.

Customs and Etiquette in Everyday Life and Socialization

Greeting someone should be a firm handshake with a smile. Shake hands with everyone present, and don't forget the children!

When invited to a Greek home for dinner, dress nicely and bring the hostess a nice bottle of brandy, pastries or flowers. Make sure before fully entering the home that you do not need to remove your shoes. Ask your hostess if she would like any help in the dinner preparation.

Wait to sit down until it is indicated where you seat will be. Wait for your host or hostess to take a bite before you begin to eat. Try and eat everything on your plate and request seconds; it is considered a great compliment to the chef if you want more to eat. If your hostess declined your offer to help with dinner preparation, at the end of the meal, ask if she would like any help clearing up the table.

If your hosts, their family and friends begin to dance, try and join in. It shows great respect for their culture and they appreciate your efforts. Make sure to join at the back of the line.

If a Greek invites you to dinner, do not haggle over the tab. Allow them to pay. It is customary for the person who extends the dinner invitation to pay the bill.

When it comes to gratuity, tipping is accepted and appreciated in Greece.

• Restaurants: Although a service charge is added to the bill, it is customary to leave an additional 8-10% if your service was exceptional.
• Taxis - Round up the bill
• Bellhops and porters - 1.50 Euro per bag

Customs and Etiquette in Business

It is necessary to schedule an appointment for a meeting at least 2 weeks in advance. Initial meetings are usually used as a period of getting to know someone and establish a relationship for possible future business ventures. Sometimes it can even be the third meeting before you and your Greek associates get down to business.

Men should dress in dark colored suits, with or without a tie. Women should wear conservative dresses or pantsuits, also in dark colors.

Have your business cards printed in Greek on one side. When you present your card to your Greek colleague, make sure that is the side facing them.

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